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Are You Sharing Your Home With Bats

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For most of us, just the thought of bats is enough to make us shudder. If you think that you could have bats in your home, it is especially unnerving. SWAT Services can help you get the bats out!


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Did you know that in Georgia, there are 16 species of bats? The most common of those, the Little Brown Bat and Big Brown Bat are the two main ones that just might decide to make a home in your attic. Now, don’t let the name “Big Brown Bat” scare you. Even the large ones are only 3 to 4 ½ inches in size (not including wing span) and weigh just about a half of an ounce. Their tiny size is how these bats are able to find a spot to get into in your home. They find gaps and holes that already exist and squeeze their way in. Some of the most common small spots bats squeeze into are in gaps caused by warped siding, spots where there are missing bricks, broken windows, and louvers and vents in siding.

Because of the warmth and darkness, attics can be an ideal place for bats to roost and nurse their young. The bats themselves don’t cause damage to your home because they don’t build nests or gnaw. However, the bat droppings (guano) and urine can build up and this is a health hazard. A common disease that can turn deadly in compromised immune systems is Histoplasmosis.

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When there is a presence of bats in your home, it is important to get them out before the guano reaches toxic levels. If you think you might have bats, here are some ways to find out for sure:

• Search for entry points. Make sure to be thorough as these spots can be very small.
• Look for bat droppings. It could be on the ground or wall near entry points.
• Check the attic for droppings or the smell of droppings.
• Go outside (maybe a few people) and stake out your home at dusk when the bats fly out. This will help you get an idea of where they might be.

If you find that there is evidence of bats in your home, call SWAT Services. You cannot remove bats with light, noise, garlic or mothballs. If there is a mother bat protecting her young, she will put up with just about anything to protect them. It is also very important to know that it is illegal (not to mention hazardous to your health) to use pesticides to kill bats. Bats are a very important because they help control insect populations (including mosquitoes) so you should never kill one. The only humane way to get rid of bats in your home is exclusion and this is done best by a professional. SWAT Services is here to help! If you need to get rid of those pesky bats shacking up in your home, give us a call. We have been servicing the metro Atlanta area for 30 years and know how to get bats out of your home quickly and humanely.


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