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Spring Home Maintenance Tips for Pest Control

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Spring is Here!

In a previous article we discussed home maintenance tasks to tackle in the spring. This month, we look at other seasonal steps required to keep your home free from bugs and pests. A little bit of preventive work now will help to minimize and prevent infestations of termites, ants, mites, beetles, spiders, bees and wasps as the spring season matures.

Get Outside and Look for Holes, Cracks and Mud Tubes

Call SWAT for spring home maintenance tips and household inspection.Examine the exterior of your home. Yes – take a walk around the entire perimeter of your house. You’ll be looking for holes and cracks located around your foundation, siding and any windows. Ants are the most notorious for entering your home through tiny cracks around windows. Seal any holes or cracks you find before pests become a problem in the home.

Did you notice any mud tubes? These are narrow “straw sized” tubes that might be visible on your foundation wall. This could be an indication of termite activity. Call a specialist at SWAT Services to analyze this situation more closely.

Cut and Trim Trees and Shrubs

Because bugs and pests are often able to live both inside and outside your home, it’s important to keep trees and shrubs trimmed and away from the house. Pests will use the trees and shrubs as bridges to get into your home.

If necessary, dig up and remove any shrubs that are placed too close to the house. You should be able to walk freely around your home without any interference from shrubs and plantings.

Inspect Your Mulch

Landscape mulch creates a stable, moist environment that is good for trees and shrubs. Unfortunately, that moisture is also good for termites and other insects. Keep mulch several inches away from the house foundation. Never allow mulch to cover window sills, get into window wells, or to make contact with house siding.

Take a rake and inspect the mulch around your foundation plants and shrubs regularly. Watch for signs of termites and their activity. If you find termites, don’t wait: contact SWAT Services today for termite control solutions.

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Not sure what to look for or how to prepare you home? The professionals at SWAT Services know exactly what to look for when examining your home for pest problems. Call us today for a thorough inspection to prepare your home for the spring season.

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