The summer months in Georgia tend to invite uninvited guests to cookouts. Worst of all are pesky mosquitos. At SWAT Services we serve the greater Marietta area and work hard to make sure that you get quality pest control and home care service so you can enjoy your summer outdoors and in the comfort of your own yard. In the month of June we have a special offer! 5 Quarters of Residential Pest Control For The Price Of 4! Because we want the best for our customers we also wanted to provide some mosquito prevention tips so that you can enjoy your yard this summer!

  • Mosquitos like to make their homes among debris and overgrown areas. Get rid of all the weeded areas of your yard and rake away any dead plants that you have. This will destroy their homes and potential breeding areas.
  • Female mosquitos like to lay eggs in stagnant water. If your home has a pond on the property make sure you churn the water closest to your home every now and then. The waves will make the female mosquito less likely to nest near your home. You can also introduce mosquito eating fish to your pond to cut down on mosquito population.
  • Another helpful trick is to put some rosemary stalks on your grill. Rosemary is natural mosquito repellent. If you put a few stalks on your grill the fragrance will repel the pesky intruder. If your cooking it can also double as a tasty spice for your BBQ delicacies!

Hopefully these tips will be helpful for you! Please give us a call if you need anymore help and remember we have a special offer going on for the month of June! SWAT is your mosquito control company in Marietta GA.

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