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For Wildlife Control Atlanta Calls SWAT

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Protect Your Home Against Unwelcomed Guests

For wildlife control Atlanta calls SWAT Services. With cold weather approaching, homeowners in Atlanta, Marietta and Cobb County need to be on the lookout for local wildlife attempting to move into their homes! Among several unwelcomed guests, squirrels are the most aggressive about moving in. As we noted in a previous article, they love to set-up shop in your attic, leading to unbelievable amounts of destruction and debris.

Other animals that would love to make their homes inside your house include chipmunks, opossums, raccoons, rats, bats, and a few others. Each brings their own potential risks, including disease from debris and droppings, destructive property damage, and attacks to family members and pets.

Ways To Protect Your Home – Start with Prevention

Prevention is the first step to protecting your home from wildlife. Keep enticing treats, like pet food, sealed up in tight containers. Be sure garbage can lids are in place and secure. Seal any openings where animals might make their way into your home. And when you discover any evidence of home intruders, call SWAT first. Don’t risk an animal bite or worse. We can remove the critters and repair any home damage.

Need Expert Advice?

To ensure your home is protected from wildlife, start with a home inspection. Call SWAT for a thorough examination of your property and home. We can identify problem areas and offer steps for eliminating the risk of home invaders. Call us now before the weather gets cold. It’s much easier to prevent wildlife moving into your home than it is to remove them once they are already there.

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For wildlife control Atlanta calls SWAT Services. We’re your local wildlife removal specialists for Marietta, Kennesaw, Acworth, Roswell and metro Atlanta.

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What Customers Say ...

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