Brian Fernander

It is with tremendous regret that we share the news of the untimely passing of the longtime member of the SWAT family Brian Fernander. If you have worked with SWAT in any capacity over the last 25 years you have more than likely worked with Brian. He worked with us originally in his early twenties in the Termite Department and came back and served many roles over the last 17 years including running a pest control route, the wildlife department, as termite inspector and most recently as our Termite and Pest Control Manager. He was smart and one of the few Associate Certified Entomologist (ACE) in the State, he was also a Certified Operator (DCO) with the State Department of Agriculture and held his wildlife and trapping license with the State Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

Brian had a dry sense of humor and didn’t take anything too seriously. We always knew when he was at the office because he would open the front door in his “Krameresque” style and exclaim “it’s a great day at SWAT Services.” He never left on Friday without asking if we were going to “party this weekend” and when he called in to ask for one of the ladies, he would put a funny twist on their name every time. He even surprised us one time by showing up to one of the office ladies group outings to a Sips in Strokes with a Bottle of Wine in hand. He did however decline to display his art in the office with our pieces.

We know that Brian is not going to only be missed by us here at SWAT but by his customers as well. When he moved into management, we reduced his route significantly to give him the time needed to take care of all of his new responsibilities. Many customers were not happy with this change and insisted they keep Brian as their technician, he was happy to comply with this request because of the relationship he had with these homeowners he also considered them his friends. I had recently asked each technician what their favorite thing about their job was and Brian’s response was, that he liked to be in the field, spending time with the customers.

During this difficult time, we ask that you keep Brian’s wife and daughter in your thoughts and prayers, they were the most important things in this world to him, and also for his father-in-law, retired SWAT Family member Randy Colwell.