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Cold Weather Pest Control

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Call SWAT for cold weather pest control in Marietta.

Keep Pests Out Now That Cold Weather is Here

  While some pests pack-up and leave town when cold weather arrives, not all do. There are quite a few that will seek the refuge of your Cobb County home. These pests are looking for shelter from the extreme cold along with any available feeding options.  

Don’t Let Your Home Become a Winter Pest Motel

With the onset of winter, there are many insects and rodents that would love to move into your home. Crickets, carpet beetles, spiders, mice, rats, squirrels and cockroaches are some of the common winter pests that will be seeking shelter. And these pests can become a growing problem if they find any open food sources (especially with dog and cat food bowls).

Steps You Can Take for Cold Weather Pest Control

There are some simple steps that you can take. For starters, make it difficult for pests to get into your house. Seal all cracks and holes, outside and especially in the kitchen. Rodents can easily make their entry in holes 3 times smaller than their body size. Take extra care in keeping kitchenware, dishes, countertops and cabinets clean. Leftover meals should be kept in airtight containers. Finally, take out the trash every night before going to bed. Garbage lingering in the kitchen overnight will only serve to attract any remaining pests.

Need Professional Help? Call SWAT Services

SWAT Services has been protecting homes and business from bugs and pests in Marietta and metro Atlanta since 1984. If you have any pest or bug problems, practice cold weather pest control and call us now before holiday guests and family arrive. SWAT is your local and independently owned pest control company. Read our pest control reviews from customers around metro Atlanta. If you have any annoying pest problems, please call us today.

SWAT – Wishing You Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas

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