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How to Control Mosquitos in Your Yard

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Learn how to control mosquitos in your yard - ask SWAT.Time to get your yard in shape for the last 3-day weekend of the summer; Labor Day is just a few weeks away! And you certainly don’t want any uninvited guests at your holiday cookout, especially those pesky mosquitos. So take a few tips from SWAT – learn how to control mosquitos in your yard.

5 Reasons for a Pest Control Service Plan

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Keeping the rodents, pests and bugs out of your home is an ongoing task. And that’s just a simple reason why having a recurring pest control service plan makes sense. But there are other reasons to consider. Below is a list of the 5 most important reasons why a recurring service plan should be considered an essential service for every homeowner:

Clean Your Gutters and Downspouts

Written by Frank on . Posted in SWAT News

With all the rainy weather we’ve been having, it’s important to clean your gutters and downspouts to be free from debris. Clogged gutters can wreak havoc on your home. Whether it’s leaves, pine needles or even birds nesting in your gutters, you want the water to flow freely to the downspouts and away from your house.

Gutter Cleaning in June?

While we don’t typically think to clean gutters and downspouts in the summer, the rain this year has been a bit more frequent than average. So when the weather permits, get out there to inspect and clean your gutters. Make sure that any chronic issues are addressed before the leaves begin to fall later in the year. Be on the lookout for signs of gutter trouble this summer!


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Termite Swarming Season

This is the time of year that termites swarm (reproductive termites are forced out of their shelter tubes to mate and start new colonies) in Atlanta and surrounding areas. Swat Services provides inspection and treatment for these home invaders that do more damaged annually to homes than wind, lightning and fire. (read more . . . )

What Customers Say ...

“Chuck from Swat Services has been what my kids call "the bug guy" for 18 years! He is always full of life and enthusiasm. He knows me and my family and actually WANTS to know how we are doing. I love having my pest control handled by a friend and not just a random guy who changes each visit. Chuck is amazing and I hope he continues coming to our home.”