Termite Swarming Season for Metro Atlanta

Late spring and early summer is termite swarming season for Marietta and metro Atlanta. Termites swarm because reproductive termites are forced out of their shelter tubes to mate and start new colonies. SWAT Services provides inspection and treatment for these destructive home invaders. Termites do more damage to homes than wind, lightning and fire. And, […]

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Minimize Summer Pest Problems

Memorial Day Weekend is nearly here and will kick off the start of Summer. But before you start your summer activities, now is a good time to take some simple precautions to minimize the summer pest problems that are sure to arrive!   Simple Steps to Minimize Bugs & Pests

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Preventing Mosquitoes – Eliminate the Water

  Mosquitoes are on the Way! It certainly seems like there has been a lot of rain this year! And while the rain is good for our plants and landscaping, that rain also presents some future problems as it relates to mosquitoes. We’re interested in preventing mosquitoes.   To prevent mosquitoes in your yard this […]

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Signs of Termite Activity

  Do You Know What to Look For? Just the word “termites” can strike fear into any metro Atlanta homeowner, and for good reason. Termites are some of the worst pests that can inflict the most damage on any home. Termites are known for sneaking into homes through cracks in the foundation and wreaking real […]

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SWAT Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Spring is Almost Here . . . Spring? Yes, it’s been cold and wet, but Spring is not that far away? So here’s a Spring home maintenance checklist to get your home in order for the upcoming eason. From cleaning out your gutters to inspecting your smoke detectors, use this checklist to help prepare your […]

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COVID-19 Announcement

SWAT will continue to take care of our customers in this time.